Religious leaders, yogis, mystics, and metaphysicians urge us toward God and a new way of living. Daily, they exhort people to put off their old ways of thinking and feeling in order to live lives of faith and greater understanding.

They encourage us to put aside our anger and fear and enjoy lives of confidence and love.

They guide us to long-term considerations and away from selfishness — which is shortsighted and usually leads to disaster.

They reveal pathways that lead to true well being. In many ways, these spiritual men and women enable people to experience higher consciousness.

What You'll Find Here

In this website you may find the help you have been looking for all of your life. Something shared by one of these dedicated persons may touch your heart so deeply that you will never be the same, and your path of unfoldment will suddenly appear to your immediate gaze.

Or, perhaps you will gain a hundred or a thousand insights which will help you invaluably on your personal path. Then again, you may quickly gain a deeper understanding of the differences between people regarding important religious issues.

In your appreciation of these differences, you may experience a greater compassion within you. You will likely rejoice, too, in observing how much people of different views have in common: in every path there is a deep concern and respect for life itself and an eagerness to be friends even with those who do not share a particular view.

These spiritual leaders have a great willingness to reach over walls and across chasms of differences.

Lovers of God

These lovers of God and mankind are doing acts of extreme good will by participating in a manuscript which they have not read. Of course, each person interviewed has had a period of time to study and comment upon the chapter based on his particular interview. And, I’m so grateful for their comments and clarifications.

Further, each of these good people were encouraged to speak from the heart and let the chips fall where they may. Our goal was to understand each path in terms of higher consciousness. All those interviewed have spent many years in dedicated service of the Lord and humanity.

These webpages about different paths are, of course, too few but are meant to be a guide to deeper understanding and greater experience of the world’s major paths — and a few smaller ones which focus on higher consciousness.

What Do They Know?

As you read these pages, you may find it fascinating to observe how many of these spiritual leaders protest against the word "religion" being applied to their particular path. Most of them deeply object to the politicization of their precious spiritual values in such a manner that people of one faith hurt and even kill members of other faiths. One gets the feeling in conversing with these leaders that they’re all making a significant change in the world.

In conclusion, what is it these men know that makes their faces shine? What gives them such confidence in times of adversity? What makes their minds so sharp, and yet their hearts so full of love? Why do they seem so much more alive than most people?

What is this power? What is this light? What is this great dimension?

May the multitude of fascinating and sometimes very divergent insights now inspire you in heart and mind!

The Dialogues

Interviews of these concerned human beings took place over a period of three years in Southern California. Most of the leaders are widely known in spiritual circles. They are listed alphabetically here by religion or path:


Buddhism — with Reverend Mahathera Piyadassi


The Baptists — with Reverend Elwin Pelletier


Roman Catholicism — with Archbishop Tomas Clavel and Bishop John T. Steinblock


Hinduism — with Professor Satya Pal Sharma


Islam — with Reverend Muzammil Siddiqi


Judaism — with Rabbi Frank Stern


Hasidic Judaism — with Rabbi David Eliezrie


Religious Science — with Reverend William Hornaday


Vedanta — with Swami Swahananda


Yoga — written by Graham Ledgerwood


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