Jesus Christ In recognition of the strength and popularity of the Baptist church, I arranged an interview with Reverend Erwin Pelletier, a Baptist missionary for over thirty-five years and now a hospital chaplain.

Reverend Pelletier is a kindly man of medium height with gray hair and glasses. In his gray suit, he could easily have been taken for a family doctor or a successful businessman, but he exuded kindness, attentiveness, and concern. Everything about him emphasized he was a spiritual man, a servant of God.

Now in his sixties, he looks well and healthy despite having won a miraculous battle with near-fatal meningitis.


Christian Paths

You're welcome to enjoy an introduction to Christianity.

Reverend Pelletierís wife Lois, a dedicated Christian who served many years as a nurse and teacher in the Belgian Congo, welcomed my assistant and me and served our favorite kind of herb tea.

In Practice




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