Graham Ledgerwood

Graham Ledgerwood Graham Ledgerwood began practicing meditation, yoga and mysticism as a youth in Canada in 1958. Subsequently, over many years, he studied and practiced numerous forms of Mysticism Sufism, Jewish Mysticism, Christian Mysticism, Zen, Egyptian Mysticism, The Tao, Theosophy, The Eight Main Yogas, and many more mystical paths.

While living in New Haven, Connecticut, he officially became a neophyte mystic in 1963. In Phoenix he was a law and business reporter and copy editor for the Arizona Weekly Gazette for two years. During that time a number of local mystics became his friends and mentors. And in 1966 he became a US citizen.

In 1966 Graham also experienced a mystical initiation, an expansion of consciousness, which changed him. This experience, called universal awareness or cosmic consciousness, was a major event in his life. It stayed with him for three months. During that period his mother contracted breast cancer and his younger brother fell seriously ill with sugar diabetes. Graham went back to Canada to care for them and, during those months, the mystical state gradually dissolved.





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