Reverend Piyadassi's Background

Educated at Nalanda College, the University of Sri Lanka, and Harvard University, Reverend Piyadassi is the senior monk at Vajirarama Monastery in Sri Lanka — a most beautiful country island on the southeastern tip of India. The equator passes near Sri Lanka.

Reverend Mahathera Piyadassi Every other year this holy man travels around the world sharing the light of Buddhism, and he had paused in Southern California to make a series of loving lectures

Reverend Piyadassi likes to be called "Bhante," which is a name similar to "Swami," or renunciant devotee.

We considered a number of possible snack foods and Bhante ultimately chose to have a little sliced fruit. We sipped juice and he consented to answer my questions about Buddhism. I was asking the right man because Bhante Piyadassi is the author of Buddhist Meditation, The Virgin’s Eye, and The Buddha’s Ancient Path, a significant discussion of Buddhism’s great teachings.

What is Buddhism?




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