How Many Christians Are There?

There are eighty-five main Christian denominations. These denominations make a distinction between Catholic Christians and Protestant Christians. There are 1,026,501,000 Roman Catholics and 316,445,000 ** Protestants in the world. Most Catholics are Roman Catholics; there are 60,018,436 ** in the United States. Protestants in the U.S. number 42,513,059 as of 1997. **

What is the second largest Christian denomination in the United States? The Baptist Church is the leader with 23,929,356 members. ** Next in numbers are the United Methodist Church and the Presbyterian Church.

Christian denominations are many and diverse. Some churches proclaim Christianity is the only true religion. Other churches emphasize that only their own denomination or, perhaps, denominations closely affiliated with them practice true Christianity. However, many denominations hold that all other Christian churches, in addition to their own, are also valid. Further, many Christians today state their recognition that religions outside of Christianity are also God-given and true.





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