When his mother and brother were able to care for themselves, he moved to San Jose, California in order to study with the great mystics there. He was deeply seeking a return of the mystical awareness which had shown him "heaven on earth" a year before.

Graham worked as a radio announcer, wrote plays, did narrations for numerous mystical programs, planetarium shows, audio tapes, and also movies.

His mystical brothers and sisters loved and encouraged Graham but he couldn't break through spiritually. Instead, he experienced the mystical purification called "Dark Night of the Soul."

During this Dark Night, a friend from Bombay, who was studying mysticism in San Jose, suggested Graham resume his practice of Eastern mysticism by studying with the yogi, Sri Kriyananda, in 1968. Once or twice a week for a year and a half the two friends motored to classes and lectures. But overall, Graham's Dark Night continued.

Tired of the sound of his own voice and desperate for a spiritual reawakening, he entered a five-month period of solitude and silence in the Sierra Nevada foothills, outside Nevada City, California.

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