Spiritual Perfection

"So, the goal of Hinduism is perfection — becoming the perennial child of God?" I sought to understand perfection more deeply.

"What is perfection?" he countered. "Perfection means to make the soul the real master. It means to be perfect spiritually — to be above the senses, to be above the passions, to be above other concerns. It means to be oneself — one’s true self. The pure and true self that is perfection. Once you attain that perfections you go and be part of the will of God. Without being perfect, your ego says, ‘Oh, God, help me. I’m coming to you.’ God says, ‘Be purna; purna means perfect.’ If you want to achieve that purna, become purna. After becoming purna, you say, ‘Yes, my father, now I am above that mask of ignorance and ego. Will you accept me?’ And God says, ‘Come in, my child. I’ll accept you.’ That is Hinduism," he concluded.

Grace and Effort  





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