Islamic Practices

"What is the way, or method, of Islam?" I asked.

"The way of Islam? Within Islam itself, every Muslim, every believer, has to practice certain worship, some personal practices, and five prayers every day. Every male and female is expected to perform prayers five times a day. Also, we fast during the month of Ramadan. Fasting is a very important, highly spiritual practice that you can go through, along with prayers and devotions at night during the month.

moon and star "We also emphasize that each believer earns for himself, for his own livelihood, and that a believer should work hard. The believer, the Muslim, strives to live simply and humbly and do some charity to others. Charity and simplicity are important because they also purify greed from the heart, which comes from the mind."

Spiritual truth is indeed universal, I thought, as I briefly contemplated that most religions recommend charity and simplicity in order to make the heart pure.

The Virtues




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