Professor Satya Pal Sharma’s Background

"What shall we call you?" I asked.

"Punditji," ** he answered.

"Punditji, it’s a pleasure to interview you today." I asked him to begin with a thumbnail sketch of his background.

"Now I am fifty-seven years old," he began. "When I was only eight years old I was sent to Kurukshetra which is in Haryana, then I went to Gurukul University in Brindaban (also, Vrindavan), which is the birthplace of Krishna."

"I’ve been there," I said.

"You’ve been there?" He seemed pleased. "The difference between the modern education and the ancient education is that in ancient education the disciples or students went to live with the teacher. But nowadays the teachers come to the students."

Professor Sharma, in explaining the ancient tradition of education used the terms Gurukula (Guru, or teacher, school) and shishyakula (student school). His explanation, in turn, caused him to comment that the English language, and most European languages, came from ancient India.





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