I were fortunate to learn of the lectures being conducted by Professor Satya Pal Sharma at the East-West Cultural Center in Los Angeles. Professor Sharma kindly consented to an interview.

Professor Sharma is in his late fifties, but he moves actively and vigorously like a youth. A man of medium height, he has straight, black hair, horn-rimmed glasses, and a broad smile.

He complimented us for being on time. We removed our shoes and entered his apartment. Hindus are famous for their hospitality. Professor Sharma insisted we first have a cup of tea. He explained that he had lectured around the world on Hinduism, so I felt very comforted that I had finally succeeded in gaining a chapter on Hinduism. He also mentioned that he had served as a Hindi officer in the Ministry of Education in India, in addition to being the Professor of Hinduism at St. Paulís Theological College in Nairobi, Kenya. He is the author of Know Your Religion, among other books.

With tea pleasantly completed and an atmosphere of good will filling the room, we began.

Prof. Sharma  





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