tablets of the Ten Commandments Rabbi Frank Stern of Temple Beth Shalom in Santa Ana, California is a tall, confident man with a resonant voice. He has dark, curly, thinning hair, a moustache and short beard like a Vandyke but rounded under his chin and appears to be in his forties. He was dressed casually, gray slacks and a white shirt, with the top button open.

Rabbi Stern is an attentive man with intense concentration. His speech quickly reveals his keen mind and his deep dedication to his values. He walked down the corridor of the synagogue with my assistant and me and showed us into his large office. Light streamed into the office through a big window as we pulled our chairs near one another.



Jews Are Jews

Judaism is one path.

I explained my book, along with its concept of higher consciousness and told him what my main questions would be:

What is Judaism? What is the goal of Judaism? How does a Jew become fulfilled? What are the levels or states of this fulfillment?

Not in a Box  





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