Judaism Doesn't Fit in a Box

"What is the goal of Judaism?" I began.

"Iím going to answer that in just a moment," Rabbi Stern replied. "But since you were kind enough to share the questions with me beforehand, I would like to make a few comments on your questions. The first is, while youíre asking all of these questions of each religious group ó and thatís an appropriate way of dealing with these issues so you can have a process of comparison ó the fact is that what youíre doing is boxing every religion into the same mold. I want to make you aware of the fact, from the outset, that Judaism doesnít quite fit the box youíve put out."

"Thatís fine," I said, and encouraged him to help me find a better way to proceed.

"I will answer your questions and try to give you the areas of comparison," Rabbi Stern went on, "but I want you to understand from the outset that what will emerge will be a stilted configuration of Judaism."

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