A Roman Catholic Perspective

"Lastly, how do you think world peace could be achieved?"

Bishop Steinbock again studied the crucifix. "I think world peace is only going to be achieved, first of all, through internal conversion of peopleís hearts. Weíre not going to achieve world peace simply through political means. Weíve been trying to use political means to achieve peace since mankind has been here, and political peace is only as good as the people. People are prone to forget what they say and selfishness starts taking over. So, I think, first of all, that world peace is only going to come through Godís doing.

"Unless people have an internal conversion of the heart to God, weíre never going to build peace on politics. Politics is essential for working toward world peace but really, people have to try to have an openness to other people: respect, care, love and concern for others. Otherwise, world peace will only be words. Peace has to come from people working for justice and trying to bring justice into this world; people trying to be open to Godís love in their life. Thatís the only thing thatís going to bring people together at once."






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