A Hindu Perspective

"Punditji, how may we have a more peaceful world?" I summed up my questions.

"I told you: have one God, one religion of humanity, and let all the people have one straight line which takes us to God," he said.

"How can we possibly do that, with so many different views and different power structures?"

"This is why my aim in life is to bring all these religious leaders together at one forum and find out the one religious stream going through all these religions and ask each of them to join this religion and nothing else. Nowadays religion itself is in danger. If the religious leaders are not awakened now, if they are as selfish as they are now, if they are fighting with each other as they are doing now, the new generation is not going to accept religion. The new generation says that it is the different religions which have brought war into this world and created great international unrest. The new generation says different religions claim to teach love and affection, but what are they doing? Fighting with each other, fighting among themselves. Religion is a divided house everywhere. If religious leaders do not develop the power of tolerance now and if they do not try to love their neighbors, they will be doomed."

I frowned. "What exactly do you mean by doomed?"

"Religion in this world will not be loved or practiced by the new generations. People have to start loving God and stop loving churches. We so-called religious people say to mankind, ‘Have tolerance, love one another,’ but to do that you have to sacrifice something — your prejudice and your prestige — for the sake of humanity. Then, you can go in harmony."

I left Professor Sharma’s company with the hope that his passion, and the love of many other religious leaders, be shared globally. I hope the yearning hearts of all people can find understanding and finally agree. Enough to get along with one another. Enough to seek world peace together.






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