What You'll Find Here

In this website you may find the help you have been looking for all of your life. Something shared by one of these dedicated persons may touch your heart so deeply that you will never be the same, and your path of unfoldment will suddenly appear to your immediate gaze.

Or, perhaps you will gain a hundred or a thousand insights which will help you invaluably on your personal path. Then again, you may quickly gain a deeper understanding of the differences between people regarding important religious issues.

In your appreciation of these differences, you may experience a greater compassion within you. You will likely rejoice, too, in observing how much people of different views have in common: in every path there is a deep concern and respect for life itself and an eagerness to be friends even with those who do not share a particular view.

These spiritual leaders have a great willingness to reach over walls and across chasms of differences.

Lovers of God  





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